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Doug Olena

As always, I teach philosophy and build web pages. I love my family and my pets. My hobbies include reading, tinkering with technology, bicycling, and motorcycling.

Lois Olena

Lois Olena

I am hard at work guiding students to the happy conclusion of their Doctor of Ministry degree at AGTS. I love my family and my pets. My hobbies include, reading, taking pictures, and riding my motorcycle with my husband.

Alpha Unit
& Husband
Arwen & Will

Arwen & Will Watkins

Happy in our second year of marriage. Arwen has obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Missouri State University. We love our families and pets. We are eating natural foods, enjoying friends and video games.

Beta Unit
Eden Olena

Eden Olena

I finished my Master's degree in Technical Writing in 2014. My web skills are growing. I love my family and my pets. I moved to Chicago and am working for TransUnion as a Technical Writer. I am enjoying my new city and friends.

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