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theological posts

I think it is remarkable how divided the Christian world is. So much of what we believe has become important above and beyond any recognizable justifications. This is less so for philosophy. Though in some places there is hot contention over some issues. In the USA the analytic school feels an obligation to destroy pragmatism. This is irritating to me, not because I am a doctrinaire pragmatist but because the attack is so wrongheaded and uncritical of the limits of its own views. Religions have some of the same troubles, that is, if Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Shinto, or Buddhism etc….

universal flood??

With the Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate thoroughly over, but left with an unsettling taste, I had to say something. OK I have some questions about the flood that I needed answered. An old student Trevor Cartwright brought up the Genesis account once more. Long ago I dismissed the possibility that Genesis was giving us a literal account of events in ancient history. But lingering questions remain. I am firmly convinced that God does not intend to deceive people by plain observation, and that human senses are generally reliable, especially with so many eyes on the same objects. Science…

day 2

Unbelievable I wrenched myself From the lassitude of the shelf… Breaking into PHP for making room Missionaries to tell their story. Web design is like a loom To weave together code avoiding worry. Complex, but mechanics fail To tell, fortunate the warp is within reach Curiosity writes an unfinished tale Not enough Kung Fu to leach Reality from the breach In my unfinished story.

day 1

I said to myself, “Self, you should write A poem a day for thirty days,” Since I’ve been enjoyed the flight Of fancy in angst on Tumblr most always. So here’s my try For today’s poem I needn’t cry, It seems to flow No stirring of angst my brain to pry.

the journey

The journey changes us. Foucault said that when he wrote a book, he didn’t know beforehand what he would conclude. Writing a book, living a life is a journey of discovery. Our life is like that. What we do, where we go, how we spend our time changes us. What we conclude is not what we imagined in the first place. At that time our imagination is not rich enough to inform our dreams, or our goals. We should avoid limiting the outcome of our journey by impoverished notions of the future. Life makes a way of its own, and…


How often has it been in history, when war is caused by disrespect. An important person in my life has just come to the conclusion that their error with respect to me has been disrespect. But I fear we shall fall again into the maelstrom of conflict. We hold fundamentally different views of authority. I, no big surprise, hold no human authority above myself, though I do what government requires of a citizen, and when appropriate obey the powers above me. But that doesn’t mean that I hold their authority with any more reverence than my own reason, or autonomy….

will the real adam and eve please stand up?

Adam, Eve, and the Gospel by Richard Davis, and Paul Franks Here is the link to the original article in Enrichment, a journal for ministers in the Assemblies of God. Here are a few notes about “Adam, Eve and the Gospel” and a few assumptions where it falters. One can happily deny the “literal” existence of Adam and Eve, without denying the actual existence of Adam and Eve, just as one can deny, like Augustine did, that the creation story is literal without denying that God created the universe and everything in it according to Genesis one and two. If…

in a dream

I found myself in an Italian villa, or something like it. I discovered a very interesting parallel between the natural world and an idea I had. So, I assembled the children of the place, two young boys. As I began to explain the parallel, and even before I could convey my excitement at the discovery, hoping to catch the interest of the older brighter boy, he decided that my instruction was a total waste of time for him. He couldn’t see the point of sitting there, so stomped off. Here is what I learned. First, I wasted my emotional energy…

why i still read the bible

As with any good book, though I’ve read it before, the hermeneutic circle of life learning and interpretation assures that I will learn something new each time I read it. Literature, because of the human condition does not remain static. The letters on the page do, the books themselves, whether paper or pixels do, but the meaning unfolds in perpetuity with every rereading. I am not simply saying with the reader response crowd that the meaning resides only in me the reader. Rather, the symbiotic relationship between the static book, myself and the world, assures the persistence of change and…

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