my anniversary

My sweety Lois and I have been married for 24 years and a few days. October 4th, 1980 we tied the knot. It was a blustery day in Spencerport New York. Her dad performed the ceremony with the help of our current pastor. The wedding was wonderful and the best part of the honeymoon was that I got to spend it with Lois. We were sick. I still regret that by ommission, we forgot to give my mom an open book to put guests on. My family felt all alone in a mob of Lois’s dad’s congregants and a few of our friends.

Much has happened since that day. By the grace of God, our marriage has not only survived, but thrived. My mom died a couple years ago and Lois’s dad died almost 9 years ago. All our grandparents are dead. Lois’s mom lives with us in a comfortable home in Springfield, MO. We have 4 cats between the 5 of us. My two children 14 and 15 are doing great in school. They are wonderful people in their own right and I love them dearly.

I’m fatter than I was at the age of 27 when I married Lois. I am also stronger but more fragile. Age is not the funnest thing I’ve participated in. At 51, I am where I need to be mentally, but it is clear that as soon as humans are done procreating, their usefulness to nature ends. I am past the half-way point. I am not regenerating my health like I did in my 20s. Eating is the best and worst part of my physical life. I am still at work. I am done.

October 2004

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