old WP 2006

Last year or the year before, my server at CI Host got hacked. My email address ended up on spam blacklists and I haven’t recovered yet. Most everybody receiving email from my domain for the first time has to recover it from junk mail. The same thing happened to my blog. It became a haven for hackers signing up for new accounts, and commenting on my posts with gibberish and urls to cracker, hacker, spammer sites.

When I moved to the new server, I just moved the old blog and data with it. But for some reason it became uneditable. So, I am moving my posts from the old version of WordPress to the new one.

Now in 2013, my favored theme Beeblebrox has become unusable, so I move to a newer theme. Therefore I needed to hand over lists to useable menus. So here it is.

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