back from East Aurora

Had a good trip. Saw Kerry and Roxanne Dean. I really enjoyed them they were delightful and I miss them now. Got to dad’s house Thursday at 1 pm. He had just pulled in to the garage from shopping. Over the weekend, we talked a lot. Really he talked most of the time. He told stories of Buffalo business from the inside. He talked about the people that influenced his life and who he was indebted to for his ideas and his motivations. At around 7 pm we started making dinner. Lamb chops, salad, green beans. Just terrific. We put up with the predictable Bush bashing, nodding our heads and smiling. Who in their right minds would disturb a bear in his cave.

Friday we went to the Roycroft shops and the Inn. he engaged a few people in conversation and told tales. I am not really amazed to hear of all the people he knows and did business with, but it is still amazing to hear the tales unfold. Friday, Dad and Arwen napped a bit. I slept for 5 minutes and was ready to go on. We listened to him tell the stories.

Arwen was perfect, a real treasure. She behaved in such a way as to make me very proud. She really liked the Deans and enjoyed being there with them. They treated us like royalty. It was really a treat.

Arwen said on Friday night after a long day with Pop and me that it was like having two daddies. She said our demeanor and personality are the same. She understands the differences between us.

Posted by dougolena at August 11, 2003 09:18 AM

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