in the middle of work

I don’t often post an entry, but today I feel that one is emerging. I have been going through life at work (AGWM Media & Advancement) in Springfield wondering when work will pass to my desk. My boss Randy is so busy that he forgets sometimes that I need work from him to justify my paycheck. I satisfy myself that if anything comes up, I am here to take care of it. I suppose that is not a bad way of dealing with it. My supervisor Larry gives me bits and pieces of work, but I feel that I am out to sea some of the time. When I get work I am usually hammered till it is done. Feast or famine . . .

I teach MWF at Evangel University from 11 to 2 and really love it. It doesn’t pay enough to do more than keep the wolf away from the door with my AGWM work and I have to resort to plastic from time to time. I will be talking to the chairman of the philosophy department at SMS tomorrow. Hopefully I can get hooked in to that system and find more work.

I despair when I am doing philosophy of ever finishing my degree work. I would love to have the title Doctor of Philosophy. I’m ready to do the work. I don’t have ready cash and the energy to do it is sorely lacking. So I dither. I am learning much from teaching and am also developing a fairly consistent philosophy for myself that neither takes away from Christ nor compromises science and logic.

It is getting colder and I don’t feel like riding my bike. My girls are full of homework and I have to watch DVDs on my computer to get entertainment (how sad, I’m so deprived.) I guess I just miss being with my family doing fun things.

I guess I can go back to work now.

Posted by dougolena at October 7, 2004 03:38 PM

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