october 2006

low time
Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
I can tell my life is getting ready for a real ride. How can I tell? Well, disappointments seem to be moving toward me, unintentional slights, deadlines I am ill prepared to leap toward. I have little guidance at the moment and the voices of my friends are quiet. I have never taken on the prospect of change happily. My days at Evangel are numbered. Nothing anybody is saying tells me, but rather that the business of looking for a new philosophy prof has gone ahead without me, at least it seems so by the minutes of the latest faculty meeting.

This is OK. This is fine. I didn’t seriously think they would look at me anyway. So, slowly I move toward filling out my applications for Washington University at St. Louis, Temple and St. Louis University. It is an arduous process. I will be going to Wash U. on Thursday to see if I can get some face time with the faculty. Maybe on Monday I can get over to St. Louis U. It is all going to work out, by stumbles and short steps. The goal of my PhD will be achieved. But I don’t take this stress well.

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