january 2007

ready for school
Friday, January 5th, 2007
There are two senses in which I am ready for school. The first, I am ready to teach this spring. I don’t have everything prepared, but that task is well under way. The second, since I have to stop teaching at Evangel in the fall, I am going to school. I applied to Washington University, St. Louis University and Mizzou. I don’t even know if I will get in to even one of these three schools. That doesn’t matter so much, because if I don’t I will apply to Missouri State for a History PhD. That will take me much longer because I don’t have the undergraduate background. I have to do this though.

At Evangel, I am looking forward to teaching Contemporary Philosophy. It will be a breezy walk through the twentieth century. Logic will be the same as last year and Ethics will be venturing out on a new tack using a new book and some of the features of the class at Missouri State.

At Missouri State, I will be teaching an evening class. 6 to 8:50 on Tuesday. The challenge is not to run out of breath, not to lecture the whole 3 hours and to be prepared with enough material.

I will hear about acceptance or rejection from the schools by the early part of March. But I will not be sweating them too much.

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