a nearly horrible week

Wednesday and Thursday were very hard indeed. School was good and interesting and the students seem more than alive. They are interested. What really got me was that for some reason, CIHost shut down the server and then charged me $57 to restart it. They claimed that the server this website is on was sending spam. I almost got mad, but remained calm enough. The only method of getting in contact with them is by email and they don’t respond necessarily. Then they won’t take your email from any other account but the one that you used to make the original complaint. So not only could I not use my own email address to correspond with them, I was forced to use that alternate email address/server/smtp/pop/garbage even after the server was back on line. I have really loved CIHost for the most part for the last four years, but this has basically infuriated me. I’ll be better soon, but I have been more than mildly depressed in the wake of this out of control loss of control. I even took some pleasure in watching Andy Griffith on a DVD I bought a month or two ago. That’s basically below the bottom of the barrel for me, but it came in handy. It made me laugh. I teach tomorrow and I should be fine.

Posted by dougolena at September 11, 2003 10:12 PM

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