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lloyd sloan
Saturday, March 4th, 2006
The Libertarian Party of Missouri needs some deep organizing. The film festival has been jumbled endlessly. Who knows what will come next. I was told that the films are being shown as a test to support statewide showings. There are too many films, not enough time and technical problems on top of that.

Ah! It is 1:20, 50 minutes past scheduled time.

Lloyd Sloan: Talk show host in St. Louis. Some funny jokes. We sang “We Love Empire” to the tune of Jesus loves me and “Take, Take Homes Away” to the tune of Home on the Range.

Debbie Hopper, Mothers Against the Draft.

Joyce Riley “Beyond Treason”

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mo libertarian convention
Saturday, March 4th, 2006
There are only a few of us, ~100 or so at the convention, but there is vigorous discussion on a variety of topics. I don’t know whether these folks are a cross section of America, because it seems, I have lost touch in my community with this part. The people are friendly and interesting, unpretentious, all who share a measured mistrust in big government and the reductions in our constitutionally guaranteed rights by federal entities.

I saw a movie outlining the Bill of Rights, established on December 15, 1791. This should certainly be part of civics 101 for every student.

The movie, Innocents Betrayed, graphically outlined the terrible destruction of human life by political entities in the twentieth century. To illustrate the death toll, the current populations of Germany, France and Spain were symbolically wiped out. By their rough count 175 million died under various regimes.

I also saw John Stossel Goes to Washington. It was his usual diatribe. Whatever government does, private enterprise does better.

I am going to be hunting for more interesting movies.

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