the journey

The journey changes us. Foucault said that when he wrote a book, he didn’t know beforehand what he would conclude. Writing a book, living a life is a journey of discovery.

Our life is like that. What we do, where we go, how we spend our time changes us. What we conclude is not what we imagined in the first place. At that time our imagination is not rich enough to inform our dreams, or our goals.

We should avoid limiting the outcome of our journey by impoverished notions of the future. Life makes a way of its own, and living to our best makes it possible to relish the results.

I just finished watching the movie The Way with Martin Sheen. A reluctant and disengaged father who begins a journey in his son’s stead. The movie is a journey, and even with the expected plot of meeting people and conflict, tells the story we need to hear, that life makes a way. Our commitments and ideas all find a place, and we are changed by the journey.

I also thought that the greatest scientists of our age stand in awe of the majesty of the creation. Lord take their worship of the miracle of your creation in earnest and redeem them. They stand with the thankful ones, even if they oppose your people because of the errors of their predecessors.

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