to euthanize my cat

I am so sorry this blog has been negative lately. I am appreciating the sunshine; the fire I burned outside last night brought enjoyment; my wife and children are constant joys, even my mother-in-law. Praise be…

My ~13-year-old cat is suffering from kidney damage and his health is deteriorating. After diagnosis, the vet told us that the cat would not recover his lost kidney function but that a diet change might help him get back to normal. Well the food helped his kidneys to work again, but he started peeing everywhere in addition to the box we had provided. Enough of that. In addition, he is not gaining weight or returning to his normal happy self.

We can’t have that in our house and live in it too. The cat cannot control himself. We are now looking at euthanizing the animal who has been our companion for 12 of those years. I weep thinking about it.

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